A Message from Amanda Callagher – International Women’s Day 2018

Here at Code iT, a company co-owned and run by a woman, we encourage more women to make the move into Tech and are ready to support them throughout their job searches. Many of our clients are continuously seeking to diversify their teams and allow the opportunity for new ideas to grow and develop.

The journey towards a more equal representation within tech has to start by inspiring young women to pursue their passions within STEM fields and to be true to themselves by never compromising on their beliefs or standing down against a challenge.

International Women’s Day should be an opportunity to drive forward and celebrate the success of women across all industries but we must continue to take pride in each other and ourselves by making every single day about furthering the cause of equality for all.

Just as all companies should, Code iT has always offered the same opportunities to female candidates and employees as their male counterparts and will continue to do so as we all drive towards a brighter future.

Kind regards

Founder & Director at Code iT