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Future of Youth Football

   With home schooling getting ever more fraught/challenging it seems that sport for schoolchildren in general and grass roots football in particular (given its popularity) must be a priority as the vaccine hopefully takes effect and we move out of lockdown. I have had  a season ticket at a premier league club for over 20 […]

How Secure Working from Home

How secure is working from home? For nearly a year many of us have been embracing a new way of working. While staff are in the office it is generally accepted that the systems they are using are secure. However, what happens when your people work away from the office, on networks you have no […]

International Women’s Day 2019, celebrating leading Women in Technology!

In honour of International Women’s Day 2019, we wanted to highlight one of our consultants’, Beth, favourite GREAT Ladies of technology! A surprising fact for most people is that Women have made some of the most significant contributions to technology. This fact is little known because unfortunately their contributions to technology are frequently left out of […]

A Message from Amanda Callagher – International Women’s Day 2018

Here at Code iT, a company co-owned and run by a woman, we encourage more women to make the move into Tech and are ready to support them throughout their job searches. Many of our clients are continuously seeking to diversify their teams and allow the opportunity for new ideas to grow and develop. The […]

Qualifications on your CV: What you need to know!

Have you started looking for your next role? Are you a contractor preparing to find that next opportunity? It’s important when updating your CV or applying for a position to know your qualifications and to be ready to back them up.   Here are 5 simple things to remember about qualifications: 1. Check that they […]

How to Quit Your Job And Keep Your Reputation

Finding the best way to resign from a job can be challenging, especially if you are unhappy in your current workplace. Maybe you’ve dreamt of dropping a cake on your manager’s desk with your resignation letter inscribed on top, or telling your boss you are leaving while a marching band plays you out of the office. Though it’s tempting […]

Job Hunting? Avoid These Common Mistakes.

When searching for work, it is important to remember that employers are evaluating you on all aspects of the job search process. From the application to the interview, you always need to put your best foot forward. New research, however, shows that all too often, job candidates make myriad blunders that damage their chances of […]