Future of Youth Football


 With home schooling getting ever more fraught/challenging it seems that sport for schoolchildren in general and grass roots football in particular (given its popularity) must be a priority as the vaccine hopefully takes effect and we move out of lockdown.

I have had  a season ticket at a premier league club for over 20 years and completely understand a return to full  stadiums with the accompanying perfect infection storm of public transport journeys, crowded local pubs and obviously all the interaction within stadiums is a long way off.

I personally have no interest in returning to a dry stadium of 2000 people but plenty do and that’s great, however the time and effort of facilitating the professional game and a limited return of fans seems in stark contrast to the staging of grass roots football.

My 10 year old daughter plays for 2 teams which involves playing on Saturday and Sunday and training 3 nights a week.

When I ask her what she misses most about life in lockdown she answers football without any hesitation and immediately adds training as well  as the matches.

Having already lost a year of normal education and currently being cooped up during dark winter days, the reintroduction of grass roots football seems one of the best ways of children being able to interact with each other in a framework where there are already numerous protocols in place around child safety etc, which means a few tweaks could surely see this return safely, even if the ‘tweaks’ could involve a reduction in number of games/training sessions.