How Secure Working from Home

How secure is working from home?

For nearly a year many of us have been embracing a new way of working. While staff are in the office it is generally accepted that the systems they are using are secure. However, what happens when your people work away from the office, on networks you have no control over, what are the risks, or it as safe as being in the office.

What are the risks?

  • Working on insecure networks, such as shared Wi-Fi;
  • Staff using machines without latest software update, or virus protection
  • Home Wi-Fi lacking firewall

 How can these be mitigated?

  • Encourage staff where possible to use private networks where they can, and ensure their Wi-Fi key is kept secure.
  • Ensure software is up to date on their machines, most will prompt updates, don’t keep snoozing these, they often contain crucial updates in order to keep your device both secure and performing optimally

Below are the top considerations for safe home working:

  1. Antivirus Software
  2. Keep family members away from work devices
  3. Invest in a sliding webcam cover, or even simple masking tape which can be peeled back easily when required.
  4. Ensure your company VPN is as strong as it can be
  5. Use a centralised storage solution
  6. Secure your home wireless network with new strong passwords
  7. Be aware of videoconferencing security risks
  8. Make sure your passwords are strong and secure
  9. Maximize security around online banking
  10. Pay attention to email security