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Code Managed Services

Code Managed Service and Code Digital provide exceptional staffing solutions for organisations that have a consistently high need for flexible or outsourced workforces.

We offer solutions which deliver a wide range of benefits to your organisation and our philosophy and approach is different to that of traditional employment agencies – we manage the entire process on your site, rather than just supply the labour.

Benefits Include:

  • Reduced recruitment costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Staffing levels delivered in line with demand
  • Absence management
  • Increased staff retention
  • Reduced employment related liability
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Extensive Management Information
  • KPI driven service

Code Managed Services covers all outsourced processes associated with the acquisition of permanent and contract staff. We offer a range of customised approaches, supported and delivered by proven experts in recruitment and workforce management.

Code Managed Services also offers a variety of specialist tailored outsourced recruitment programmes ranging from vendor and agency management, to specialist bespoke programmes. These on or offsite projects achieve a step change in recruitment performance, improve talent acquisition and quality, and help to deliver million pound cost savings across the enterprise.


Excellent engagement, you are working with a team and they care…

I have worked with Amanda for over 10 years, both from a candidate and a customer perspective. I have always found Amanda Callagher to be positive, knowledgeable, supportive and considerate.

Amanda and the Code iT team have excellent ethics on how customer and candidate engagement should occur. Code iT focuses’ on building relationships, rather than the ‘churn them out’ or ‘make a fast buck’ attitude of many recruitment companies today. At times when it has been challenging to find appropriate candidates, Code iT have spent the time to fully understand the need and have always found quality candidates. I always feel as though I am dealing with a ‘team’ at Code iT , rather than an individual, as others are knowledgeable in my requirement and where we are in the recruitment process. Post recruitment engagement always occurs, whether the role filled is permanent or contract. I highly recommend them.

Code iT has consistently delivered excellent candidates for us over the last five years. Their knowledge of the market and professionalism makes them stand out above other recruitment agencies. We use Code iT exclusively and will continue to do so.

Code iT is my first choice when a recruitment need occurs. Amanda has taken time to understand our business, our recruitment needs and the type of the people we look for. She is therefore ideally placed to react quickly and flexibly to find well screened candidates matching the job description in a timely fashion…and she has delivered consistently. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Code iT to any of my business contacts.