Qualifications on your CV: What you need to know!

Have you started looking for your next role? Are you a contractor preparing to find that next opportunity?

It’s important when updating your CV or applying for a position to know your qualifications and to be ready to back them up.


Here are 5 simple things to remember about qualifications:

1. Check that they are still current! 

Many qualifications are an expiration on them and if you haven’t kept up with your accreditations then you could be showing off a qualification you no longer hold!


2. Refresh yourself regularly!

There’s nothing worse than being asked a question about a topic inside of your certificate and not knowing the answer, it shows that you haven’t been using those skills and will make potential hiring managers question the value of developing you as an employee.


3. Keep them safe!

Employers will ask to see copies of your accreditations so make sure they are all in one place and well out of harm’s way. Nobody wants to go dinking through their shed only to find their diplomas soaked through and ruined.


4. Keep on achieving!

Always be on the lookout for the next stage in your qualifications. The further you take them the more they can improve your employability and earning potential.


5. Try something new!

Maybe try picking up a certification outside of your usual skill set, they can help to diversify your CV to employers by showing you have other interests. A really common choice is to take on a First Aid certificate or maybe there’s an exam body for one of your hobbies like the coaching certificates for a sport.


As employers demand a higher standard and more well-rounded profile from their employees it will always give you the step up to be constantly developing yourself and growing your skillset.

Although maybe you should save that General Certificate of Brewing for after you’ve signed your contract!

Tom Whitewood
Recruitment Consultant
0207 653 8728